We’re not talking the old-style entry to the football club here – although such turnstiles do still exist. Today’s turnstile is an altogether more modern and technologically advanced piece of equipment. They allow monitoring of numbers in buildings, staff comings and goings, and deliver a visually unimposing barrier between public and private areas. More robust versions can be seen at stadia and airports, providing security and pedestrian flow solutions. The bottom line --- to fully control personal entry and egress is with a turnstile or airlock doors (basically a form of turnstile)

There exists a turnstile solution suited to all external and internal applications, be they operated by cards biometric technology or push button.. Talk to us and we will advise you on the turnstile best suited to your needs.


  • Easy monitoring of how many people are on site at any time
  • Full integration with other security systems
  • Prevention of unauthorised access as only one person (with an appropriate pass or ticket) can enter at one time.
  • Completely controlling the flow of people in and out of the facility
Barrier Images Turnstiles
Barrier Images