Terms and Conditions Of Sale

Terms and Conditions Of Sale


Strictly Net exclusive of VAT

Installation Delivery:

We Estimate 4 Weeks from receipt of written order. If delay is specifically requested by the customer the Company reserves the right to invoice on the original supply or installation date.

Service breakdown Delivery:

ASP or one working day or as KPI of maintenance contract.


Our standard payment terms are 30 days from invoice unless otherwise agreed in writing. We reserve the right to raise a Performa invoice or Deposit for bespoke items and for the supply of all materials. Credit will not be offered if a credit score is less than 80 based on the Experian classification.


Accounts unpaid thirty (30) days after the date of invoice will be considered in default. Interest and administration costs will be charged on overdue payments as per the Late Payments of Commercial debts (Interest) Act 2002. Default customers agree to pay all reasonable expenses, including legal fees and costs for collection of unpaid accounts. Default accounts will be passed to "Sinclair Goldberg Price" Liverpool for recovery.


All prices and conditions laid out in the supplied quotation document remain valid for a period of 3 months after the date of the quotation.


Supply and Installation - The company will invoice on the above payment terms immediately a written cancelation instruction is received this will be for 25% of the equipment value if the cancelation is received within one week of the order being placed, after this time it will be 90% of the equipment value. Cancelation two weeks or less before the original installation date will incur a further charge of 50% of the installation costs. Cancelation once work has started will be 100% of the contract value.


All cancellation of call outs must be by telephone and confirmed via e-mail. Full call out charge will be due if the engineer has arrived or due to arrive within half an hour. 50% will be due if the job cancelled the engineer is expected to arrive at site within the hour. 50% will be charge if the engineer has travelled for more than an hour. Discretion will be use in all callout cancelation charges.

Ownership Risk:

Responsibility for all risks including but not restricted to security, insurance and care of the goods in all cases shall pass to the customer when the equipment is delivered to and received at an address in the United Kingdom. Full title of the equipment will only pass to the customer when payment in full has been received as per the payment terms. The customer may not sell, assign or gift equipment /systems or the right to use or operated to a third party until full title has passed to them.


Our quotation is based on installation work being carried out to an agreed programme without delay. Should delays occur outside our control, we reserve the right to invoice at our prevailing hourly rate. This will include but not restricted to any site induction requirements or restricted access to site. We require at least one vehicle to be allowed within 10 meters of working area unless previously agreed.

Packaging and excess materials form part of the sale goods, consequently we will only dispose of these items if there is free access to a suitable on site depository/skip. Or alterative arrangements and charges previously agreed.

Excavation / Chasing:

All excavation chasing and mounting of equipment is at the behest of the customer and as such their sole responsibility to ensure a service free area. We accept no liability for any damage whatsoever to any and all services when excavating, digging, chasing or installing this includes all ground, floor and wall services.


All standard equipment is warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, No other warranty, expressed or implied, is made by the seller unless expressly set forth in writing.

Supplied and Installed Equipment /Systems

A 12-month onsite warranty is from date of Installation and subject to the installation being operated and maintained to the manufacturers and or Cerberus Services maintenance schedule and instructions.

We shall have no obligation or liability under this warranty for.

      Vandalism, accidental damage, indirect or consequential personal or property damage arising from the failure of any equipment or systems.
      Defects resulting from the use of a part/s. attachments or equipment fitted or connected to any part of the installation that has not been specifically approved or installed by Cerberus Services.
      If the equipment was serviced, repaired, altered or modified in any way by any persons other than Cerberus Services or their authorized repair agents.
      Failures from fair wear and tear or if the equipment was not used or operated under normal industry applications.

Ground Induction Loops

Due to unknown and variable ground sub structures. Ground induction loops install in tarmac or concrete will be covered by a warranty period of three (3) months. Loops installed in block paving or ground were we have informed you is unsuitable will not be covered . We will test and demonstrate that a minimum specification of 200megg ohms to earth has been achieved in all new loops.

Supply Only

Supply only goods will be "back to base" The customer must notify all warranty claims within thirty (30) days after the discovery thereof. To the maximum extent permitted by law the seller shall not be liable under any liability theory for damage claims greater than the price of the product shipment or service giving rise to the claim.

Units submitted for warranty consideration must have a ticket detailing original purchase date, order number and the e-mail address and telephone number of a person to contact. All transportation charges, both in-bound and out-bound are the responsibility of the customer. We reserve the right to repair or replace customers' units at our discretion. We reserve the right under this warranty to refuse or reject any and all warranty claims for any reason whatsoever if based on the Company's estimation, damage to subject equipment was not caused by component or factory workmanship defects. Warranty on repaired or replaced items shall not alter any original warranty periods previously in effect.

On Site Repairs

Repairs both workman ship and parts shall be for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of the repair inclusive. The repair warranty period will not alter any original warranty periods previously in effect. Before attendance a written instruction and order number must be provided, or a pro forma invoice will be raised to cover the estimated cost. We reserve the right under this warranty to refuse or reject any and all warranty claims for any reason whatsoever if based on the Company's estimation that failure to subject equipment was not caused by component or workmanship defects. We further reserve the right to repair or replace customers units at our sole discretion. To the maximum extent permitted by law the seller shall not be liable under any liability theory for damage claims greater than the price of the parts fitted or service giving rise to the claim


We accept no liability of loss caused by , consequential circumstances or otherwise, due to equipment, software, third party failure. Loss of functionality or operation of the web site or system. If occasioned by riot, civil commotion, act of foreign enemy, insurrection, usurped power, third party providers, terrorism, act of God/s. Loss of data/service attributable to a cyber-attack, virus, ransom or extortion, denial of service attack. Unauthorised alteration, modification of the programs or software, equipment or any component of the system or item which processes, stores, transmits or receives the systems data. Misuse of your computer systems or website

Errors and Omissions.

We shall be entitled to correct at any time any arithmetical or typographical Errors or omissions. These Terms and Conditions supersede all previous representations understandings or agreements.

The placing of an Order/s based on this quotation is deemed to be a consideration and is an implicit full acceptance and validation of all above terms and clauses. No variations or claims will be admissible as a result of any discrepancy, point of obscurity or lack of information arising at a later date.

Definitions and Interpretation:

“The Company” is Cerberus Services Limited

“The Customer” is the person or entity who orders products or services from The Company

“The Goods, Parts , Systems , Equipment” are any product or service supplied by the Company in the course of its business.

All accounts and services provided by The Company are subject to the current VAT tax rate as imposed by UK Customs and Excise

GOVERNING LAW: This Agreement shall be governed by English Law