What can we do for you ?

Perhaps the most striking difference between us and the competition. We understand that no two clients are the same, even different sites of the same client will have specific needs. We listen, advise and then design solutions for their unique circumstances. All development is created on these detailed client requirements creating real-world solutions. Precise answers rather than a catch all approach thus providing bespoke Systems and products.


We always install test and commission our systems and machines. We will advise on the civil, electric and communication requirements. Either performing this work inhouse, arrange a subcontractor or liaise with your in-house team or contractor.

Whether your requirement is the installation of a full security control, revenue, count system or a simple barrier, Cerberus customers receive a swift and efficient service with the minimum disruption to their operations.


Whilst all systems supplied by Cerberus meet the highest standards when it comes to quality and reliability, professional maintenance is essential for long-term dependency.

In addition to offering service and repair for on a one-off basis, we provide most of our customers with flexible specific cost-effective contract arrangements. Maintenance contracts can be for any length the longer the better value per year. All are subject to a minimum term. They can be paid in advance monthly quarterly or annually.

Needless to say, we will fully maintain all of our own installations but uniquely have the experience and are happy to offer contract maintenance programs to any brand of equipment. Security gates, barriers, blockers and Parking Revenue systems. We work with multiple national and international companies including four international Airports, who enjoy the peace of mind of access to a skill bank of highly qualified experts and engineers, capable servicing and maintaining all types of automated access equipment. For example, for the last 15 years we have installed commissioned and maintained third party ticketing parking systems. Brands including Zeag, Amano, TPA, IP parking Facc and BFT. Our maintenance services keep these systems working at their best.

Each contract is tailored to suit individual requirements, a cost-effective way of avoiding inconvenient, and potentially expensive failures. Please inquire about Bespoke contracts to suit your individual requirements and budget.

Flexible Maintenance and Capital Expenditure

The longer-term maintenance contracts can provide an alternative for Capital expenditure. These one-off costs can be a dilemma, failing system losing revenue. Compounded by the time and cost in pursuing a complicated procurement process then the difficulty in finding the budget to replace a complete system. We may be able to help. We would consider any proposal but in most cases the new equipment cost is simply added to the maintenance program.

The ROI on our ANPR systems is so good this would be swift and straightforward proposition.

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