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Founded in April 2004 Cerberus Services Ltd employs three generations of the same family and is a privately-owned Ltd company registered in the UK. We provide our services nationally and within Europe

Decades of experience. Prior to Cerberus the directors and senior engineers worked with in the security and carparking industry’s responsible for multi million pound contracts including the single largest carpark in Europe. These two sectors are not normally considered to be comparable but in practice the operational procedures and technology has a huge synergy and it is this we exploit to provide dynamic systems that adapt to changes in regulations, technology the environment and importantly our client’s requirements.

We provided and continue to provide security and revenue systems, Maintenance services to a wide range of clients. Including the top UK manufacturers and logistic companies. Hospitals and International hotels across 3 world renowned brands. and count the best leisure parks and theme parks in the Uk as our clients. Front line vehicle and personal security control to 4 international airports and infrastructure facilities over seen by CPNI and are working in Europe with Esporg providing secure truck parking.

We started developing our own software around 2010 taking an interest in Allea systems evolving to become Cerberus Software Solutions ltd. Our Orthurs ANPR Revenue Software controlling circa £10,000,000 worth of income PA for our hospital and hotel clients.

Cerberus Software Solutions has produced business systems for Vodafone, stock control systems and back office systems for numerous A list business' including Amazon vendors, Auction houses and holiday companies. Importantly bespoke access control security systems for Cerberus services allowing us to receive a UK patent for our Biometric revenue systems and the 2017 Leisure innovation award for the access and child safety control system we provided to the Leisure park sector.

In the real world what does that mean? We think it’s very simple and often made to appear complicated. To be safe secure and profitable you need to be in Control. We provide and create systems, that provide full auditable control over vehicles and personnel entering and leaving your perimeter and premises. Allowing you to control what happens, from a security perspective Who Were and When or a revenue collection perspective maximisation of assets and revenue streams, while still providing a safe positive personal experience to those that use the car park.

Cerberus is committed to delivering the absolute best outcomes for customers, targeted solutions that address every element of their requirements. Mutual benefit as we strive to grow our business by producing happy satisfied clients who go out their way to recommend us to others.

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I am often asked why the name “Cerberus” ? Cerberus is the mythical three-headed dog used by Hades to guard the gates of Hell. --- Unsurpassed control. No one has ever got in or out without permission. But why the three heads? Maybe Hades was on to something if the old adage is true "Two heads are better than one" three must be even better if only as a spare.

John Donaldson
Managing Director

About Cerberus Services

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