Car Park Counting

Car park counting systems are becoming more necessary even expected. Visitors don't want the hassle of having to try and find a parking space in a full car park, wasting time, causing frustration and polluting your local area.

Using ultrasonic sensors our systems can detect when a car is arriving and leaving. This information is counted and displayed for your visitors.

Your visitors no longer have to guess which way to find a unoccupied parking space as our systems can guide your visitors with LEDs to unoccupied car park spaces, using real time detection of spaces.

The enhanced environmental benefit of finding a space swiftly can be advanced further by full integration of the count system with a wide range of ancillary systems. Lighting and ventilation to create a smart building that saves you and the environment energy and helps provide a positive client experience. Signage can be styled to the design of your building to create a truly modern looking smart car park.

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  • Reduce pollution, Reduced visitor frustration, Improved traffic flow, Space utilisation
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