ANPR Systems

With a wealth of experience in this sector, you can rely on us for advice and step by step guidance during the selection and installation process.

A brief history: During our consultancy work it became apparent the over the last 8 or so years the market had changed. Operators and end user expected better.

Operators full control and flexibility in what the system can do, for example reduction in downtime, maintenance and consumables, staffing levels for the first line tasks ticket jams etc, integration with third-party apps numerous methods of collecting payments.

Users needed a better experience, simple and effective methods of payment.

To this end we developed the Ortherus ANPR system. We did so with constant communication with our key markets -those who need car parking, but it is not their core business Hospital and Hotels. This sector is not well served, in fact failed by the catch all approach of ticket equipment suppliers with their inflexible systems.

Until recently we gave the option of ticket systems but had zero uptake when compared to our own ANPR. In contrast 100% acceptance of our ANPR barrier system. This preference was down to 5 key factors

  • Cap ex Cost: Considerably less than a ticket system. Rapid ROI
  • Software flexibility and customisation: Bespoke systems. Audibility, customer experience.
  • Reduction in On costs: Consumable costs are Zero, maintenance staffing costs reduced.
  • Ease of use: No tickets to load, print, Jam, Read, (jam again) collect, dispose of. No more lost or damaged tickets.
  • Environmental impact.

There are no tickets to have manufactured, purchase, transport, store, load, collect and recycle, which is of growing public concern. The construction of tickets means they are impossible to recycle cost effectively so many millions ending up as land fill. This aspect should not be underestimated with many incentive schemes in place to reduce carbon footprint.

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