Access Control

Access control systems are commonplace, but with the vast array of different systems available – from keypads to card systems – the choice can be overwhelming.

Different environments require different solutions and Cerberus has a range of products available. Modern systems are both reliable and offer a huge degree of functionality. Controlling access to the people to the times, to the areas you need.

Who -Were -When and now thanks to our award winning Software age control.

Whilst security may be the number one driving factor behind the installation of an access control system, businesses and other organisations can also benefit from:

  • Easy control over employee access in environments with high staff turnover, no need to change the locks when an individual leaves the company
  • Improve the environmental performance of a building by connecting the access control to lighting, heating etc
  • Restrict access to specific times or areas of building
  • Provide employees access to multiple facilities without the need to issue multiple keys.
  • Enable managers to monitor who is in the building at any given time.
  • Integrate or replace membership systems
  • Integrate or replace T&A systems
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